here are parts of the Bible that do not give much clarity and because doubts continually arise, we want to expose some answers that we understand respond to some of them, such as: What is sin and what is not? What is the day? rest ?, Are there things that we cannot eat ?, among many others.

This does not mean that as a group we are giving the last word on these aspects, it is simply what we believe.

What is sin and what is not?

To begin with, we must understand that sin is everything that is opposed to the will or commandments of God; So we think we should call what the Bible calls sin sin, for example: Is it a sin for women to wear pants? When Scripture mentions that a woman should not wear a man's suit, nor a man's women's clothing, it does not refer to pants, but rather speaks of clarity and definition in the sex of each one; on the other hand, history shows us that in Jesus' time men did not wear pants, but robes. In this way we cannot say that it is a sin for a woman to wear pants, since it is something that the Bible does not call sin. Now, is it a sin to drink wine? The Bible does not say that drinking wine is a sin, since if this were so, the Lord Jesus Christ would not have turned the water into wine. However, what the Bible does say is: Don't get drunk! So, we believe that sin is what the Bible points to as such.

What is the Sabbath?

In relation to this there is a lot of controversy, since many affirm that it should be on Sunday, others on Saturday, and others that from Friday at a certain time ending the next day; Now, we consider, based on the Scripture in the book of Hebrews 4 that the true Sabbath is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, He being the only one capable of giving us the rest of our works, regardless what day it is since this is an eternal, constant rest, which is not determined by any particular day of the week. We believe that a Christian should rest in the Lord Jesus Christ every day of his life, and we understand that resting in the Lord is not a matter of being inactive, but rather an internal attitude, of the heart.

What does it mean to participate in the Lord's Supper?

No religious ceremony can replace the true daily communion with the body of Christ, which are Christians who gather around a table with food and drink; where we talk about the Lord's death and what this means until He comes. In doing so we announce his death and resurrection and acknowledge that we need each other.

We believe that all members of the body of Christ should participate in the Lord's Supper, and regarding participating unworthily, we do not believe that a person has to wonder if he is worthy or not, since the Lord Jesus himself is the one who cleanses us and justifies; giving us access to communion with Him and with other Christians (His body) through the new covenant given to men. Now, if any person wishes to walk alone, without recognizing that he needs God and other Christians, he must repent of it, because if he does not he will weaken and may die when there are no others around him to take care of him and correct him. Also if a person has something against another, he must out of love for God and the other (his body) go and reconcile.

We believe that the Lord's Supper basically represents two things:
Communion with God, that is, man's covenant with his God
Communion with the body of Christ, that is, the Church.
Therefore, a true Christian not only can, but must, participate in the Lord's Supper since this represents for him, the communion with his father and his family. The normal and common place to access the Lord's table on a daily basis is in home meetings.

How should Christian dating work?

To begin with, we must understand that the Bible does not show us courtships like those we know socially, but it does give us precise guidelines to know what God expects of us on this point.
Both must be Christians. For Scripture states "Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers; for what fellowship does justice have with injustice? And what fellowship has light with darkness?" They must have all the necessary or basic elements for the marriage. To carry out this, we believe it is advisable and wise to go through the following stages:

  • Relating to each other by making friends.
  • Dating sporadically.
  • Giving up dating anyone else.
  • Dating and commitment.
  • Wedding.

It is necessary to clarify that each person is different, for example: For a 17-year-old single, the first stage will last much longer than it would for a 27-year-old, since the youngest will regularly be studying and preparing. Not so a 27-year-old man, who will surely already be working, so if he wants to get married he will in most cases have the necessary elements to do so.

Can salvation be lost?

We believe that there are two extremes: One is that of those who believe that nothing can be lost, which can lead to neglect, having a life that does not bear good fruit, since they will think that no matter what they do they will go to heaven. for having already obtained his salvation. At the other extreme are those who think that it can easily be lost, even thinking that even by having a bad thought they can lose their salvation; these people always live insecure and are easily dominated by a spirit of condemnation.

We believe that it can be lost, since there is biblical evidence that proves it, for example Scripture says: "Work out your salvation with fear and trembling" (Fi. 2:12), and it also says "How will we escape? , if we neglect such a great salvation? " (Heb. 2: 3). There are also several passages that make this point totally clear: "... and I will not erase his name from the book of life" (Rev.3: 5). If the Lord can erase it, it is that it was written, and if it was written and can be erased, it means that it is possible to lose that security.

Ro. 11:21 It says that if he didn't spare the natural branches, then he clearly states that he didn't spare us either. Just as the natural branches were broken off so that we could be grafted, it could be the case that the grafted branch was also uprooted. Therefore, based on these Scriptures and many others, we believe that salvation can be lost; although we could not determine when it is lost, since that is something that only corresponds to God. We also understand that people generally need to be encouraged to trust in their salvation, rather than constantly explain why they may lose it.

What is the balance between authority and submission?

The Bible teaches that we must be subject to our authorities, since all authorities are delegated by God, now, we understand that our highest authority is the Lord Jesus Christ whom we must obey above all things, therefore the limit of our subjection it must be: sin. Outside of this there is no valid reason not to be subject to our authorities, for example: if a person at work, his boss tells him that if he wants a pay raise he must get drunk with it occasionally, this person is not obliged to obey him, since the Bible points out that getting drunk is a sin. On the other hand, a human disagreement should not be the cause of a lack of subjection to authority. God allows us to disagree

How should people dress?

The Scripture teaches that women should dress with decorum, modesty and modesty, (1 Tim. 2: 9), this does not mean that in the church premises we should supervise the length of the skirt or something like that.

Some churches consider that the woman should wear a veil over her head, but we believe that when it says that the woman should cover her head, it means that there must be an authority over her and therefore we believe that the Scripture speaks to us of the attitude of the heart in the woman, of her internal clothing and not of the external, since by means of the internal clothing a decorous external appearance will be shown, with modesty and modesty.

In any case, the woman must dress as her husband pleases, and likewise her husband must dress to please his wife (1 Cor. 7: 4). It will be desirable that there be different tastes and styles, and not uniformity within families. that they congregate in the church.

Can we eat everything?

We believe that a Christian can eat everything, the Scripture states: "Of everything that is sold in the butcher shop, eat, without asking anything for reasons of conscience; for the earth is the Lord and its fullness" (1 Cor. 10: 25-26) On the other hand, Scripture also tells us: "Therefore, let no one judge you in food or drink, or as holidays, new moon or sabbaths, all of which is a shadow of what it is to come, but the body is Christ¬īs "Col. 2: 16-17. Therefore, we believe that no one should judge another about food or drink, so on this point we believe that you can eat absolutely everything.

What do we believe about divorce and remarriage?

There are two types of people who have reached divorce, one is the one who comes to Christ already divorced, and the other is the one who, being a Christian, becomes divorced. We know that some churches teach that a Christian cannot be divorced, and also that if someone is already divorced they should not remarry, but we, through Scripture, understand that if an unbeliever does not consent to live with a believer, he or she can to separate and separate means to divorce; since the brother or sister is not subject to servitude in such a case (1a Co. 7:15).

Regarding a new marriage for a divorced person, we believe that if the brother or sister does not have the gift of continence, it is better for them to marry, because it is better to be burning (1 Cor. 7: 8-9 ). We also believe that a person who has gone through the experience of divorce can become a leader of the local church, since who gives him the opportunity of this, it is God himself who gives us a new life through the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Is the civil wedding legitimate or do you have to be married in the church?

We believe that the author of the marriage was, is, and will be God, therefore, if a couple joined in marriage only in the civil aspect and they are living together without having performed a ceremony before the church, it is not necessary to perform the latter, since having joined both legally and physically, for the Lord, they are already a couple. Now, although we do not believe that the ceremony in the church is necessary for these types of couples, we do encourage them to let God rule and take control over their marriage.

Should or should we not move in the gifts of the Spirit?

We believe that God has given various spiritual gifts to his Church, which is his body, giving each one by the Spirit: Word of wisdom, to another word of science according to the same Spirit; to another, faith by the same Spirit; and to another, gifts of healings by the same Spirit. To another, working miracles; to another, prophecy; to another, discernment of spirits; to another, various kinds of languages; and another, interpretation of languages. But all these things are done by one and the same Spirit, distributing to each one in particular as he wants. (1a.Co. 12: 7-11).

Therefore we believe that the whole church should participate in the movement of the gifts, since these are given to all the members, and not just to a few, understanding based on Scripture that it is God who makes all things and He distributes them as He wants and at the time He wants; and it is our responsibility to act in faith and move in these God-given gifts.

Can Christians be demon possessed?

Yes, we believe that a Christian can be partially controlled by demons, perhaps this seems out of logic, but Scripture, in chapter 8 of the book of Luke tells us the story of the demon-possessed Gadarene, who, upon seeing Jesus arrive, he gave a great cry and fell at his feet; Here it would be interesting to ask ourselves what is the way to show that one is a Christian, since this man with his action showed what many with a multitude of words try to show and do not, prostrate before the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. It would also be appropriate to ask ourselves: Do we cleanse ourselves before we come to Jesus Christ, or do we turn to Him to cleanse us? We believe that on many occasions, it is when we are already in Christ that we are freed from demons, in addition,

How should we praise God?

God wants us to praise him with all our being, and with musical instruments, we do not believe that the most important thing is the rhythm with which he is praised but with a contrite and humbled heart before him.

What should we do at Christmas, Day of the Dead, Easter or other holidays?

Scripture teaches us that we must do everything that contributes to edification and peace. We believe that Christians should take advantage of any situation to build peace and not argue over opinions, or fight, or argue. We believe that this is applicable to any party such as: Christmas, XV years, weddings, etc.

Something that you have to know is what God commands exactly, since there are very clear commandments from God, which we must keep under any circumstance. For example, Scripture teaches: don't get drunk. The Bible does not forbid drinking wine, but it does mandate that we not get drunk. The Word commands not to lie, the Scripture does not say that there are white or innocent lies, it simply says: You will not lie. Do not practice: anger, lawsuits, dissensions, gossip, etc., since those who practice such things will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. Avoid strife. Not judge. The above are clear and precise commandments, which we need to keep, if we have already known the truth, we must have mercy on those who are still under deception and slavery, loving and respecting them.

What do we believe about world counseling?

We believe that all the problems or conditions that a person can have are necessarily framed in three possible areas:

  • Organic disease
  • Sinful habits
  • Demonic activity.

For an experienced and well-prepared counselor these three possibilities must be explored, diagnosed, and resolved.

Nobody can have problems based on another possible area. Jesus is the only admirable counselor from whom we take all the tools we need. For a non-Christian therapist, the fundamental question to answer through therapy is Why is this person having problems? For the Christian counselor, this question is answered beforehand: People have problems with unresolved sin in their lives. Therefore, it will be much easier and more hopeful for someone to find help and support in a capable Christian counselor than in any non-Christian counselor, however expert he may be.

What should be our attitude regarding the laws of each country?

Regarding this point, we believe it is necessary to obey the advice that the Bible gives us "Every person submit to superior authorities; because there is no authority except on the part of God, and those that exist have been established by God.", Based on This, we consider that we must submit to all laws of any country, being the only limitation to disobey God. For example: if in a country it is forbidden to believe in Jesus Christ, we are not obliged to obey, since the Bible also teaches that it is necessary to obey God rather than men, Rom. 5:29.

What do we believe about the Kingdom of God?

We do not believe that the kingdom of God is primarily a Jewish kingdom presided over by natural Israel. Nor do we believe that because of the unbelief of the Jews of the time, Christ postponed the establishment of the Kingdom until his second coming. We believe that the Kingdom of God was established by Christ during his earthly ministry, and that this kingdom is operating until now and will be fully revealed in the life to come. We believe that reigning is synonymous with ruling, serving, that is, being free not to live under sinful yokes, and expressing this type of freedom by serving others. Jesus taught that the kingdom of God was already present during his ministry here on earth, (Mt. 12:28; Lk. 17: 20-21).

We must see the whole of life and all of reality in light of the ultimate goal, that is, the total manifestation of God's authority and rule over all things. We believe not only that Christ already reigns, but also that Christians are reigning together with Him (Eph. 2: 6; Col. 1:13). We believe that Christ has won the decisive battle over sin, death, and Satan by living a sinless life and dying on the cross as an atoning sacrifice for our sin; Christ defeated death. And by resisting himself by enduring death and then coming out of the grave in triumph, Christ defeated death. And by resisting the temptations of the devil, through total obedience to God, and by his death and resurrection, Christ dealt the final blow to Satan and his hosts. This victory of Jesus was total and complete. So the most important event is not the second coming of Christ which is a future event, but the first, the past. Due to the victory of Christ, the most decisive event in history has already been defined. It is only a matter of time before victory manifests itself over all creation. (Rom. 8: 19-21)

What do we believe regarding the end times?

When we say the expression "the last times", we understand that the expression does not refer merely to the immediate time before the second coming of Christ, but is a description of the entire age that is comprised between the first and second coming of Christ.

What do we believe about the Antichrist?

We believe that the antichrist is a spirit that has manifested, is manifested and will manifest itself until the second coming of Christ. We reject the common teaching in our day that the antichrist will be a single individual who will manifest immediately before the second coming of Christ leading an exterminating movement against the last generation. We do not find that the Bible teaches such a thing. Jesus never mentioned the word antichrist, neither did Paul, the book of Revelation never mentions the word antichrist. This word is only mentioned four times in the entire Bible, in 1 John 2: 18-19, 1 John 2:22; 1 John 4: 3; and 2 John 1: 7 and when it is mentioned it clearly says that this spirit was already operating in the world since then. This spirit is responsible for the death of Christ, for the death of the first martyrs, and for the persecution and death of thousands of Christians from then until now, and even until the second coming of Christ. The work of this spirit consists in opposing everything that Christ wants to do, sowing hatred, fear, death or indifference against Christianity and Christians in people. If we do not constantly review our motivations, this spirit can still work within the church. The work of this spirit consists in opposing everything that Christ wants to do, sowing hatred, fear, death or indifference against Christianity and Christians in people. If we do not constantly review our motivations, this spirit can still work within the church. The work of this spirit consists in opposing everything that Christ wants to do, sowing hatred, fear, death or indifference against Christianity and Christians in people. If we do not constantly review our motivations, this spirit can still work within the church.

What do we believe about the millennium?

Our theological position regarding the millennium is primarily amillennialist. This position implies that Christians who are now living are enjoying the benefits of Revelation 20, since Satan has been bound by Jesus through his death and resurrection for all of us who believe in Him and accept this fact by faith.

We also believe that Satan was loosed to deceive the unbelieving nations. So at this time Satan is bound for Christians - he cannot touch us - and is loose to deceive the nations, who are at his mercy for not receiving the benefits of redemption in Christ / Jesus. The millennium is a symbolic time between the first and second coming of Christ.

What do we believe about the second coming of Christ?

We believe that the second coming of Christ will only be an event. We find no biblical basis for separating the second coming of Christ into two stages. We understand that the return of Christ will be a single event. We only believe in two resurrections, the first, which took place when Christ rose and many did with Him and the second when Christ returns the second time and all the dead rise.

The Bible teaches us that there will be a rapture, the believers who have been recently resurrected, together with the believers who have been recently transformed, will at that time be caught up to the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. (1 Thes. 4:17) At this very moment the end will come, we do not believe in periods of tribulation, to later lead to a third coming, or even less in a fourth coming after the millennium as some teach today. The Bible only teaches two comings: the first on the cross, and the second to bring the final judgment.

What do we believe about the Last Judgment?

The purpose of the final judgment will not be primarily to determine the final destiny of men, since at the moment of the final judgment the final destiny of all has already been determined by the decision that each person made to accept or reject the government of God in their lives. ; rather, the judgment will have as its purpose: to reveal the final destiny of each person and to reveal the degree of reward or punishment that each one has to receive.

What do we believe in terms of evolution?

Regarding the origin of creation and man, we believe that the theory of evolution that does not take into account the intervention of the creator in it, is simply illogical, fantastic and throws up many more doubts and questions than it pretends to explain when declaring that the universe "was created by itself and by mere coincidence." To be a convinced atheist requires a lot of faith; but faith in the non-existence of God, since no one can prove that he does not exist.

Generally, someone who declares himself an atheist does so for moral reasons, since he is someone who practices sin without repentance, he prefers to foolishly deny the existence of God. There are also those who, having gone through an unpleasant experience within a religious institution, prefer to also foolishly deny the existence of God, interpreting that if a church makes mistakes it means that God does not exist. It is something like denying the existence of a person with whom we feel resentful for unpleasant personal experiences (Ps. 53: 1).

On the other hand we find the extreme creationist theory that reacting to the statement of atheistic evolutionists, it also makes a mistake by declaring as impossible and unacceptable for Christians any consideration of evolution in God¬īs plan. We at Centro de Vida Cristiana take a balanced position that is not based on fear that reacts to another teaching; Rather, it only takes into account the teachings of the Bible and the facts discovered and taught by true science. Thus we believe in an evolutionary creationism, in which we can see a creator God without whom there is no explanation of creation or life, and that in turn this God is the creator of an evolution in his creation as taught by Gen. 1: 11-12 "said God: let the earth produce green grass ... the earth produced green grass ...; Gn. 1: 20-21 "God said: let the waters produce living beings, and birds ... and God created every living being that the waters produced ..." Gen 1:24 "God said let the earth produce living beings".

So then from our point of view the Bible teaches that the concept of evolution and creation are not opposite or antagonistic to each other. It is also enough to examine the development of a baby inside its mother's womb and how it grows and evolves, including having cracks in the neck in the sixth week of gestation -like fish fetuses- in fish these cracks later they grow and become gills; In humans there are no traces of these crevices since we will not need them to breathe. Also, every baby inside its mother's womb goes through a period where it has a tail. This tail is curved and is located between the little legs that begin to grow, it appears very clear at five weeks of gestation. Men and animals are alike in many ways. Animals, like people, have eyes, nose, stomach, and legs. But, after a short time, each animal species develops in its own way and we in ours. We have a spirit that they do not have Gn. 2: 7. This spirit will later manifest itself in intelligence and consciousness. So we believe in a God who chose evolution in part as part of his creationist process.

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