The walls are falling in Malaga and Spain!

Por: Luis Sagarra

¡Los Muros Caen en Málaga y España! | Centro de Vida Cristiana

Message july 2010!

01 of July 2010

Due to the growth that our congregation experiences in the region of Malaga, we have knocked down the walls and extended the size of the audience of our place, already we do not fit!
We close the second quarter of the year with 399 people attending our Church in Malaga. In addition to the people that congregate in Alicante and Granada, we can say that we have overcome the number of 640 people congregating in our Churches in Spain, this without taking into account the thousands of people that we help with the charities acts.


Now we are sending missionaries from Malaga, first towards Granada and now towards Cancun. This will produce spaces and opportunities of service in Malaga’s Church, which will prove the disposition and the spirit from the ones that come behind, allowing the development of new disciples who will face again the challenge of accepting Christ's formation in their lives and being a disciple as a guiding principle.

Everything previous makes us praise God reminding the Psalm 75:

Ps 75:1 A Song.To you, O God, we give praise, to you we give praise: and those who give honour to your name make clear your works of power. Ps 75:2 When the right time has come, I will be the judge in righteousness. Ps 75:3 When the earth and all its people become feeble, I am the support of its pillars. (Selah.) Ps 75:4 I say to the men of pride, Let your pride be gone: and to the sinners, Let not your horn be lifted up. Ps 75:5 Let not your horn be lifted up: let no more words of pride come from your outstretched necks. Ps 75:6 For honor does not come from the east, or from the west, or uplifting from the south; Ps 75:7 But God is the judge, putting down one, and lifting up another. Ps 75:8 For in the hand of the Lord is a cup, and the wine is red; it is well mixed, overflowing from his hand: he will make all the sinners of the earth take of it, even to the last drop. Ps 75:9 But I will ever be full of joy, making songs of praise to the God of Jacob. Ps 75:10 By him will all the horns of the sinners be cut off; but the horns of the upright will be lifted up.

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